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Sambhavna Seth and her husband, Avinash Dwivedi are amongst one of the most loved and adored couples in the entertainment industry. They constantly share adorable photos and videos of them on social media. And, the couple has by far garnered a massive fan base on the internet. Sambhavna Seth and her husband Avinash Dwivedi recently joined us for a candid chat.

In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, the couple opened up about their dreamy and filmy love story, and fights that took place before marriage. Sambhavna mentioned that their friends are shocked to see Avinash and her relationship after marriage as they fought a lot earlier. The actress revealed that Avinash and she had fights almost every day, before their wedding. She even mentioned they used to break up every single day and eventually got back together.


Speaking on the same, Seth said, “There were only problems. There was not a single day when we didn’t fight, one. There was never a single day. Humlog roj break up karte the and roj we used to be like, ‘Ab iske baad ek dusre ki shakal nahi dekhenge’. And then next day, again back together.

Sambhavna added, “But then, the day we decided that we want to be together and we want to marry each other.

The actress further shared how Avinash and her relationship, including their fights, changed after their wedding. She said, “When we came back Delhi se, shaadi karke we came back. Then the journey started. We still remember we used to hold each other’s hands and pura Versova mein we used to go. Jitna lamba walk kar sakte the, romantic walks, and all those Chinese, chote chote tappri pe Chinese soup peena. And all that love, little little choti choti cheeze, we did after our marriage.”

Sambhavna added, “And, that friendship, that bond happened. And uske baad, we don’t remember ki humhari kabhi ladayi hui hai. Six years of our marriage, koi four years pehle ka journey dekhega, aur jo ab ki journey dekhega; even our friends get amazed ki kaise. Itne jhagadne waale couple, woh aise kaise hai. So everything changed with time and we both changed with each other.

Take a look at the full conversation below:

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