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Bhojpuri star Akshara Singh has now entered the Bigg Boss OTT house last night. The starlet grabbed headlines after she levelled some serious allegations against Bihari superstar Pawan Singh. From a failed secret relationship to being beaten up and cheated on, Akshara’s EXPLOSIVE tell-all with Bollywood Bubble will leave you shocked.

She reveals how the fight with the superstar has landed her in financial loss where she doesn’t have any work. She has battled depression and was suicidal at one point, she adds. Not just that, Akshara also shares a SHOCKING incident of having an almost acid attack on her. Read on


Sharing how she was harassed for raising her voice against the Bhojpuri superstar Pawan Singh, Akshara Singh said, “Work offers had already stopped coming. Even now it’s the same. The entire industry is on one side and I am surviving alone and fighting for justice. Heroines in this industry don’t fight or raise their voices, they simply follow other people’s instructions. I have broken that chain. I have faced a lot. I am alive that in itself is a huge achievement. When I filed the case, people started harassing me. ‘Snatch her work. Don’t let her entire in UP Bihar. Kill her.’ People even followed me carrying acid. So yes, I have faced the worst. And if I can face those things, so I feel now I can handle any obstacle in my life. Bigg Boss and its contestants are nothing in comparison to what I have faced in my life.”

You can check out our entire conversation with Akshara Singh below:

Calling out a superstar had its own repercussion and Akshara faced a lot of difficulties. The actress was even locked at one point. Recalling the incident, Akshara shared, “Yes, I was locked inside a house as he was getting married. I somehow managed to get out of that house by the grace of God. I have faced a lot of things. If I recall everything that I have been through, this interview slot won’t be enough. Now that I am going on the Bigg Boss OTT, there I will be able to show the world my real self. That’s one of the reasons I am doing this show.”

“That time was full of insecurity. There comes a point when you feel that there’s no other option left. ‘Pata nahi log kya kahenge. Aapko duniya kis nazar see dekhegi ke bhai aap kisi ke relationship mein ho’. I hail from a small town, Patna. Everyone already looks down upon people coming from UP and Bihar. So I had a lot going on in my mind. I tolerated all I could but after a point, I thought I just can’t take it anymore. So I broke all the shackles and stood up for myself because the world is not going to fight for me. Even some of my closest people stood against me. So I have seen it all,” she added.

For everyone who looks up to Akshara as an inspiration, she has just one message. “A women’s honour lies in herself and not in the eyes of the society,” shares the actress. Akshara’s family stood by her side through the ordeal. There was a point when she went through depression and even had suicidal thoughts. At that time it was her father’s words that gave her immense strength. “My father told me, ‘Either you end your life or else fight. I am giving you these two options, you choose what you want.’ That was a huge slap on my face and from that day I decided there was no looking back,” she signs off.

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