Dipika Kakar, Shoaib Ibrahim

Dipika Kakkar and Shoaib Ibrahim are one of the most loved couples and they have quite a social media following. The couple has been sharing their vlogs online and their fans have been loving it. But they have also faced trolls online who can be quite nasty. Shoaib and Dipika have been quite stern to the trolls and have made sure to hit back. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Dipika and Shoaib opened up about facing trolls.

Dipika told Bollywood Bubble, “We never thought that we have to show only this part of the audience so we’ll keep a filter, we never thought that.” Shoaib added, “We were never image conscious in how we want to portray ourselves. When we act, perform in a show, so obviously we are playing a character so that is a different thing but the moment we pack up and take off the makeup we’re the same we are today. So we just wanted to show the audience this when we started vlogging so people can get to know how we are as Shoaib and Dipika. But some of them appreciate us, some don’t.


Shoaib continued, “They ask, ‘How can someone be like that?’ I think is a part of life, if good things happen, these things would also be there. Yeah sometimes, it happens too much so humare ghar ki kheti hai, hum toh camera uthate hai aur do char cache se hum bhi bolte hai. Man ki bhadas nikal lete hai. Then we disappear for two-three months. But it is ok because more than that what matters is the love because everyone gets trolled be it any big star around the world. What matters is how much love you get.”


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The Sasural Simar Ka actor further added that they always make sure to look back and remind themselves how far they have come when being based by trolls, “Sometimes when we feel dejected by the trolls we then go back to the pavilion in the olden times, when no one other than our family knew us. When we compare that era to now if even one more person knows us today it is a plus point for us.”

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