Rubina Rahul fight

‘Bigg Boss 14’ contestants are fighting for captaincy. Rubina Dilaik and Rahul Vaidya lock horns in the recent captaincy task. Rubina is the Queen and Rahul, the King and other contestants will have to make hearts for them. Rahul and Rubina will give the housemates money for their help. Towards the end of each round, they have to make sure that their hearts are made properly, but will also have to destroy the opponent’s hearts. The workers try their level best to make hearts for the one who gives them more money.

Rahul and Rubina get into a war of words and Abhinav Shukla comes to defend his wife. Rahul says that Abhinav always acts as her advocate and taunts Rubina, who in turn asks him to not talk about her husband and not joke about him. Rahul calls Abhinav, Rubina’s ‘chamsa’ and ‘sasta vakil’. Abhinav also calls Rahul ‘gutter’. Rahul’s remarks irk Rubina and she blasts him and asks him not to cross the line.


Watch the promo here.

Let’s see who wins the captaincy task. Till then you guys stay tuned to Bollywood Bubble.

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