Pavitra Punia Jasmin Bhasin Aly Goni

Jasmin Bhasin’s rumoured boyfriend Aly Goni entered ‘Bigg Boss 14’ in last night’s episode, and Jasmin was really very happy after seeing him. Aly has been kept in a room with a glass partition between him and the other contestants and he is allowed to talk to the other contestants via an intercom. Aly told Jasmin that Pavitra and Shardul are his friends, and he wouldn’t fight with them during the show. Bigg Boss asked Aly to guide Jasmin in the captaincy task that was assigned yesterday.

In the new promo for tonight’s episode, we see Pavitra and Jasmin getting into a heated argument. In the video, we see Pavitra talking to Aly via intercom. Pavitra can be seen telling Aly that when she calls him her friend, she expects something from him. Jasmin interrupts their conversation and tells Pavitra not to question Aly.


Pavitra then asks Jasmin to keep her possessiveness to herself. She tells Jasmin, “Apni dosti ki possessiveness apne paas rakho wo mera bhi dost hai” (keep the possessiveness of your friendship with yourself, as he is my friend too.)”. Jasmin calls Pavitra ‘nonsense’. Pavitra also calls her ‘nonsense’.

Watch the promo here.

Pavitra Punia and Jasmin Bhasin are in the captaincy race. As per reports, Jasmin has become the new captain of the house. Let wait and watch what happens in today’s episode.

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