Kumar Sanu Rahul Vaidya

Rahul Vaidya’s nepotism comment on Jaan Kumar Sanu created a huge uproar not only inside the house but also outside. Many celebs have slammed Rahul over his nepotism remark. Jaan’s father, Kumar Sanu has reacted to it through a video. Kumar Sanu said that he feels ‘insulted’ to hear such remarks even after 40 years in the industry.

In the video, Kumar Sanu said, “My son Jaan is a very good person in real life. He is of very helping nature. But ‘Bigg Boss’ house has so much pressure that you tend to say things which you may not in normal life. He is very young and his mother has given him a very good upbringing. Whatever was possible she did for our kids. I was never happy with Jaan’s decision that he is going to ‘Bigg Boss’. Whenever he asked me I always said no for it. But it was his choice to do ‘Bigg Boss’ as he is an ardent follower of the show and a very big fan. He himself auditioned for it and I didn’t do anything for him in this matter. I didn’t help him in this at all”.


He further said, “I would like to mention one thing Rahul Vaidya you are like my son and you sing really well. I have heard you a lot of times. But somebody’s parents are separated and you make him realise that again and again. So surely the sentiments of that person will be hurt and after a point, that person will also react to it. And I think as a singer I feel really insulted after hearing all this. It is a very normal process according to me if two people don’t get along and they get separated. But if leaving the game aside you will keep hammering someone’s sentiments on his personal life then it’s not a good thing. I really want both of you to be in the game. You two should stay together with love and understanding. I feel two singers can be good friends”.

In Weekend Ka Vaar, we will see Salman Khan reprimanding Rahul for his remark.

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