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In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15, the VIPs Rashami Desai, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Rakhi Sawant, and Ritesh were asked to assign duties to the non VIPs contestants. During this, Pratik Sehajpal asked the VIPs for chopping in the kitchen duties. As Pratik Sehajpal continued to demand duties of his choice, Rashami Desai lashed out at him. Sehajpal asked Rashami and others that he will do the chopping of vegetables only once. Eventually, when Pratik Sehajpal was not agreeing to the same, Rashami Desai and he got into an ugly fight.

Pratik and Rashami had a war of words. Desai continued to lash out and stand strong against Pratik during the fight. Moving on, Rashami went on and called Pratik ‘bail buddhi’. She even accused Pratik of picking up a topic and starting fights. During the heated argument, Devoleena takes Pratik aside and explains his duties to him. She tries to make him understand. However, this does not go well with Rashami. Desai even lashes out at Devoleena, who then comes over to her friend and tries to explain her side.

Later, Pratik gets into an ugly fight with Rajiv Adatia. They have an argument in the kitchen area of the house. Rashami once gain lashes out at Pratik and they get into a fight. During their war of words, Rashami calls Sehajpal ‘bail buddhi’ once again. He then reacts and hits back. Pratik tells Rashami, “main toh bail buddhi hun, aap toh bail ho (I am bull wit, you are a bull).”


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The fight between Pratik Sehajpal and Rashami Desai settles down eventually. The contestants then move and go ahead to do their respective things in the house. Stay tuned for more updates on Bigg Boss 15!

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