Bigg Boss 14

‘Bigg Boss 14’ reveals a lot of dark secrets about the contestant’s life and it happened quite literally this week as the contestants had a tell-all session in the house. But, what came as a shocker was when Rubin opened up about her getting a divorce from hubby Abhinav Shukla this year in November.


In the latest promo, Rubina is seen making a shocking revelation about her divorce from Abhinav. She is seen saying that she gave Abhinav time till November and this was one of the reasons why they did ‘Bigg Boss 14’. She said that if it wasn’t for the show, they would not be together.

Later when Rubina comes out from the activity area, Abhinav is also seen breaking down talking about everyone getting to know about it. It was a very emotional moment.

Check out the video below:

The reason why the contestants were having a tell-all session was for the immunity stone that is in the possession of Rubina. Bigg Boss gave the housemates a chance to grab it from her if they can reveal a secret about themselves that only a few people know.


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