Jaan Kumar Sanu Eijaz Khan

In Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan, he schooled Jaan Kumar Sanu on his behaviour with Eijaz Khan when he got abusive and disrespectful with a person double his age. There may not be any justification for Jaan’s actions but with the house becoming like a pressure cooker, everyone is exploded every now and then.


Jaan spoke to Bollywood Bubble before he entered Bigg Boss, and there also he was very clear of what he wanted his game to be like. Have a look at his interview right here:

Talking of the misbehaviour with Eijaz, Jaan opens up in the unseen footages and says that he calls and treats Eijaz like an elder brother. In fact, the same night of the task, Jaan apologised to Eijaz for his actions and cried on his shoulders.

Even yesterday, Jaan answered the caller of the week very humbly that the nature of the house and the game is such that it inculcates trust and anger issues. He also confessed that abusing was incorrect and apologised to Salman Khan and promised to never repeat it.

Jaan’s mom, Rita Bhattacharya also spoke to Bollywood Bubble recently and spoke about Jaan’s game inside the BB House. Have a look at how she talks about Jaan’s behaviour inside the house with respect to other contestants:

Yesterday’s episode ended with Jaan apologising to Eijaz yet again shows that he is trying to do better which is commendable. Let’s wait and watch whether this is just a trick to please the voters or is Jaan really apologetic for his behaviour. Stay tuned to Bollywood Bubble for more gossip from inside the ‘Bigg Boss 14’ house.

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