A night to remember! After celebrating Diwali with great jest, contestants wake up to the famous song, ‘Mere tumhare, sab ke liye Happy Diwali’.


Homesick and terribly missing their families, they hug and greet each other for the festival. Still recovering from the major lashing given to them by Salman Khan, the contestants make use of their time trying to sort misunderstandings and create a positive atmosphere. Shehnaz and Rashmi, have a conversation where she explains to Rashmi why she lost her cool and how she gets provoked by Shefali. In another room, Devoleena is seen talking to Aarti, about how she looks like a follower and not a leader.

While contestants were busy with their daily routine, Bigg Boss announces the task for the day,  BB Adalat. The entire house is turned into a courtroom, the contestants are divided into two teams namely, Shukla’s and Desai’s. Shukla’s have Shehnaz, Asim, Aarti and Devoleena whereas Desai’s have Mahira, Paras, Shefali and Siddhartha Dey. After each buzzer they have to present a case in front of the special judge and she will decide which case she will take up and solve. The contestants have to make sure that maximum cases are ruled in their favour.  Popular director, choreographer and ex host of Bigg Boss, Farah Khan enters as the special judge and begins the hearing. Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai are the lawyers for their individual teams.


There begins the series of accusations and defending. The first accusation is from Rashami’s team on Asim for being abusive over a petty matter like tea, both the parties dig out some mudda’s and are successful in proving that Asim was abusive. The second accusation is from Rashami’s team again Sidharth Shukla on how he gets very aggressive. Farah Khan gave a clear picture to Team Rashami that they gang up against Sidharth Shukla and make an issue out of any petty statement.  Team Rashami refuses to agree and get a little offended on it.  To everyone’s surprise and to prove a point Rashami also flips a mug kept on Farah’s desk to make her realise how they felt when Sidharth Shukla gets aggressive. Farah decides to give a fair verdict in favour of Sidharth Shukla.. In the third case Shukla’s accuse Rashami Desai of being diplomatic and double sided. Farah also questions the unusual relationship between Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai and on that note she decides to dismiss the case.

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