Rajesh Kareer

The financial crisis caused by the nationwide lockdown is taking a toll on everyone’s life. Panic attacks and anxiety are affecting everyone badly. Uncertainty about the future and financial crisis have moved people to take the drastic step of ending their lives. ‘Begusarai’ actor Rajesh Kareer recently had shared a heartbreaking video wherein he appealed people to help him reach his hometown in Punjab.

He recently opened up about his financial situation and what made him seek help on social media.


Speaking to Hindustan Times, Rajesh said, “I had no money a few months ago, and I saw how the producers do not want to pay dues to actors and technicians. This situation is fine for those who have a bank balance of Rs 1 crore, but what about people like us?”

After receiving sufficient help, Rajesh even asked people to stop sending him money.



Rajesh said it was not easy to ask help on social media as that means killing your self-respect. Revealing more about his situation, the actor shared, “Producers delay payments for a year. What should actors do in such a situation? Either the actor has a solid background or he gets regular work. Now in my case, I haven’t worked since July 30, 2019. Where will I get money from? I only had this one option – to openly seek help from everyone. I could have either embraced death or found ways to live – everyone supported me when I chose life,” 

Rajesh also shared that even Sonu Sood called him to offer his help. “I also got a call from Sonu Sood. He has been helping so many people. He knows how tough it is to survive in this city and in the current scenario, we do not even know when work will resume completely,” he told the daily. Even his ‘Begusarai’ co-star Shivangi Joshi had helped him financially.

The ‘Begusarai’ actor said that he is 50 and acting is all he knows so now, for the time being, he will try his luck in the Punjabi film industry.

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