Heropanti 2, Tiger shroff, heropanti 2 review, nawzuddin siddiqui

Director: Ahmed Khan

Cast: Tiger Shroff, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Tara Sutaria, Amrita Singh

Bollywood Bubble Rating: 3 stars

Heropanti 2 movie ratings

What would you do, if all your data is pulled out from your phone while you’re enjoying playing a mobile game, not only data potentially your money too?, well, Tiger Shroff starrer Heropanti 2 is all about that. Heropanti 2 begins with Babloo’s mother (Amrita Singh) praying to every possible god on earth to protect her son Babloo aka RJ from the evils of the world. Little does she know that Babloo ki Heropanti itni aasani se jaati nai. Well, in a hilarious series of events RJ crashes into his so-called ex-flame Inaaya (Tara Sutaria) putting his identity as a world-class hacker at risk. While Inaaya’s nasty brother Laila, who is also a magician, and his goons are all over Babloo and trying to get a hold of him, it becomes impossible as the hacker has no digital footprint. In the flashback, we see that Tiger had joined hands with Laila building him the most dangerous software putting the entire nation’s economy at risk. But a change of heart has Babloo second-guessing his actions. It’s not the same for Laila but he still falls prey to Babloo’s Heropanti.

Heropanti 2 shows how Tiger Shroff has come a long way from his debut with the first part in 2014. The actor has only grown and improved, his career trajectory has only taken a huge leap. We also got some Heropanti vibes as Kriti Sanon made a special appearance. Under Ahmed Khan’s direction, Tiger shined and as usual, his action was not disappointing at all. But the overdo of it can be debatable. The suave and cocky attitude of Babloo only makes him more likeable and his chemistry with Inaaya is cute. The switch between his characters of an obedient son, a charming boyfriend and a notorious hacker to the bad guys was quite quick, but Shroff made it looks seamless. Talking about Tara, she was surprisingly a breath of fresh air, while her character was quite constricted, she managed to pull out a lot of shades. From being the uninhibited girl who could dump just about anybody without blinking an eye to the badass woman who will save her boyfriend from the lethal goons, Tara sure did manage to impress minus the weird obscenities she yelled at Babaloo.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui was seen as Laila who is a world-class magician trying to get the same world under his thumb. While Laila gives you flashbacks of Nawaz in Kick but Laila is more layered and much dept while ironically being superficial. While Laila loves his sister dearly and will not flinch while killing Babloo, he will also not back off from ordering sisters online with ‘cash on delivery’ if Inaaya decides to go rogue. Nawaz did manage to make the audience laugh with his one-liners while the movie had everyone overdosed on the action.

Heropanti 2 is a larger than life action-packed movie with Lamborghinis flying left and right. There are many levels to the film and the screenplay as well given the underlying hacking and gaming theme. Most scenes sure do feel right out of a video game and it was quite welcome as you don’t get to see such screenplay in these kinds of movies. But no amount of extravagance can salvage the weak plot which was highly lacking as well as the confusing dubbing. Tiger and Ahmed’s director-actor duo have worked before in Baaghi 3 and this time in Heropanti 2 they did not disappoint. Heropanti 2’s music was composed by AR Rahman and let’s just say it was not a hindrance like most.

While Heropanti 2 is an action movie, some of the scenes were dripping in slow motion making everything quite predictable. But it was Tiger’s high octane punches that made it bearable. Waking up after being bombarded by a gazillion grenades and surviving a swarm of Shaolin fighters? That can be a discussion.

Heropanti 2 is an out and out masala action film which is surely a one time watch, don’t go in expecting anything more.

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