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Director: Jesús Colmenar

Cast: Alvaro Morte, Pedro Alonso, Miguel Herrán, Jaime Lorente, Itziar Ituno,

With the final volume of Season 5 premiering, Netflix’s prime show Money Heist wraps up for good. The heist that continued over 48 episodes saw a well-deserved breakthrough finale with several twists upscaling the magnitude and leaving us on the edge every 10 minutes. Just when we were to concur who won in this war, a little magic here and abrakadabra, the entire game changes. Like the professor reiterates several times ‘it is all an illusion’. The makers make us surrender to that very illusion whilst leaving us with interesting plans that unfold right on time. The finale brings together everything that could have gone wrong and stitches the loose ends, sometimes taking a leap of faith to a different level. “It’s childlike wonders,” as Berlin emphasizes because sensible people don’t believe in the impossible.

The first part of the Season 5 of Money Heist centred more about Tokyo and the gang trying to survive the blows, and the second volume, also the final part, takes it further, this time giving us a deeper sneak-peek into the brainchild of the heist, the Professor. The makers bid us a befitting farewell with priceless moments between Berlin and the professor, Professor and the gang, Professor and Tokyo and Professor with everyone else. In several instances, you are reminded of the professor from the first season swinging back in action.

The second part continues from where it left us sobbing. Even as the gang and professor continue to pick themselves up after losing another member, they are hit by a row of uncertainties with the police and the agency making their way inside the Royal Mint of Spain, disarming them. Parallelly, Alicia uses Professor’s temporary emotional state against him and tries to outdo him in his own game. But, things don’t go exactly the way she thinks it will. Cut to chase, she eventually ends up putting her trust in Professor, just like many others. What follows then is a series of hide and seek between the police and Professor and Alicia who are on a hideout. With some predictable scenes, the makers keep the entire sequence engaging with off-the-beat thinking.


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Not wanting to hide between the shields anymore, Professor decides to surrender himself to the police after being knocked down by the agency. Above all, someone else outdoes the Professor in his own Heist. The stolen gold gets stolen and boy, that really was an unexpected punch. This is when you wonder how is this going to end. Yet again it is a war between Colonel Luis Prieto and the professor, between the obvious and the illusion. With the members constantly on the edge, the police on stand by, the economy plummeting with the gold stolen, things really did seem frustrating but, well, the makers have made sure to squeeze in as much suspense and thrill as they could in these episodes. Also, remember, ‘We will always have the professor’.

Nothing you see will be end, till it finally does.

In a flashback scene, Tokyo tells Professor ‘I have realised you are a hero because you always make it to the end’ and ‘you are our faith’. This is one of the most defining scenes which makes you reinforce your believe in the professor, just like the gang. It tells us that as long the professor is around, “he will pull off an ace from the sleeves’ when things seem to go down the hill. There are moments in the finale episode especially when you wonder if this was all for nothing, when you wonder if ‘classic positivity of idiots’, as Helsinki terms it, is worth holding on to but just like Rio, we do, because we believe in one person, just like the makers and the gang, the professor.


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Of course, there are a lot of things which will leave you bewildered but then like Berlin implies that the entire thrill is about doing the impossible (in their context- the heist). For instance, when the machine that is supposed to help transfer gold to a far away distance doesn’t work as planned, Palermo dramatically pleads for it to work and in the next few moments, it does. The makers obviously use suspension of believe to create such dramatic moments.

It is also clear that the makers totally regret killing Berlin. His character was perhaps one of the most interesting ones. The fact that Rio mentions how Berlin wouldn’t have hesitated to bring down anyone who was detrimental to the plan, clearly tells us how the show would have been completely different if he was to be alive. But the makers kept him alive in flashbacks and giving us a glimpse to the more humane side to him. They also continued with Tokyo narrating us the entire story, just like in the beginning. She is a part of the heist till the end, in spirit, if not in person.


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Denver and Stockholm’s relationship too seems to have evolved throughout the season. From insecurities to confusion to finally finding love in each other again, the two definitely have come a long way. So have Professor and Raquel. Though moments shared by them are fleeting, it is enough for us to root for them throughout.

Speaking of what happens to the gold? The professor? The gang? Colonel? Well, it’s all an illusion! To add a little more drama to the last 15 mins, the makers even use Coldplay’s Fix You which definitely worked for me.

How does the Heist end? Do all of them survive? Well, watch it! I am not going to spoil it there! But all I can say is not the professor, not the gang, not anyone, the heist is the clearer winner here!

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