Sunny Leone's 'Beiimaan Love' movie review

Directed by: Rajeev Chaudhari
Produced by: Rajeev Chaudhari
Cast: Sunny Leone, Rajniesh Duggall
Duration: 1 hour 59 minutes
Bollywood Bubble Rating: 1/5

Climbing the stairs of stardom on her own merit, today actress Sunny Leone is a popular name in Bollywood. The actress had a string of releases this year among which her latest ‘Beiimaan Love‘, a revenge thriller will hit the big screens this Friday. Pairing up with her ‘Ek Paheli Leela’ co-star Rajniesh Duggall, will this be honest enough to thrill or would it take a revenge on you turning a Beiimaan? We hold a doubt on this.

The plot begins with Sunaina Verma, a rising successful entrepreneur who is seeking revenge from Raj Malhotra for an incident that occurred in the past. This feeling of hatred completely changes Sunaina’s personality and meanwhile on the other side Raj starts feeling guilty about his actions. He decides to correct these mistakes. But will Sunaina forgive him for his deeds? Has Raj really undergone this change of heart? Does Sunaina still have those same feelings for Raj? You wouldn’t understand this unless you see this pathetic flick titled ‘Beiimaan Love’.


Talking about performances, Sunny Leone as Sunaina is fine. She has acted well but definitely she should avoid these kind of choices from now as there’s no scope left for her to offer something new. Rajniesh Duggall as Raj is another waste of  talent. His character carries grey shades and he has done well in some scenes, but overall this character is so poorly written that you couldn’t connect with it after a certain point of time. Apart from these two, there are a lot of character artistes filled up in this movie which at the end make you laugh so hard, which again is due to a poor and laughable script. The cameo of Sunny Leone’s husband Daniel Weber is also okay.

Rajeev Chaudhari, the writer and director of ‘Beiimaan Love’ is one of the most important persons who should be blamed for making such a disaster. The first half leaves you bored to death and second half literally goes into the opposite direction of the first half, it makes you laugh, thanks to scenes with a lot of confusion which leads to an end that makes you feel relieved that you are going home. Plus, the most disappointing thing is that the second half carries some scenes which makes this movie look like a B-grade film, the only difference is that it has less of skin show and a well spent money on it.

Technically, the movie is fine. And talking about the music composed by multiple composers, it doesn’t carry any track which is good enough, be it visually or from the music point of view. They are quite catchy which could be a good reason for those who love to party and dance.

To wrap it up, ‘Beiimaan Love’ is a complete waste of time. On a sarcastic note, the movie ends with a message – Don’t take a woman for granted, but it should have been – Don’t take audiences for granted. Save yourself and avoid this movie.