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Film: Rashtra Kavach Om

Director: Kapil Verma

Star cast: Aditya Roy Kapur, Sanjana Sanghi, Jackie Shroff, Ashutosh Rana, Prakash Raj

Bollywood Bubble ratings: 2/5 stars

Rashtra Kavach Om movie review:

I wonder why can’t we have a good action movie with a gripping plot. Yes, we have good action sequences but not a movie that will blow your mind. Oh, wait, it did blow my mind, seeing the most absolute random film of all time. From storyline to characters, it was full of flaws. First of all, how are these RAW agents decoding the codes in a jiffy like they are not even trying to act smart? Why are these agents dancing in a bar or with a dancer? I think it is high time that they eliminate unwanted songs just to increase the commercial value of the film. Om movie lacks authenticity which makes it quite an unrealistic watch.


The plot was quite predictable with a done and dusted formula where they sell off a bad character as good but end up being the bad guy. The one good thing which was quite commendable was the action sequences. It was very well choreographed until there was a chopper scene. Damn, what is this fascination about heroes pulling the chopper all by themselves? It seems like they are either inspired by Captain America or trying to be one. Nevertheless, we also see Aditya trying to stop a helicopter all by himself for which I have no words.


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A tale of a RAW agent named Om who is on a mission to save the Kavach (a plan created by the Indian government) from going into the wrong hands, simultaneously, even looking for his lost father who got disappeared in a traumatic event. During a mission, he loses his memory and his identity apart from the traumatic episode when he loses his father. Despite the lost memory, he resumes the mission which only shocks him to the core. Will he save the Kavach from the bad guys? Will Om find his father? Will Om regain his memory? Continue reading the Om review.

Star Performance:

Aditya Roy Kapur plays the role of a feisty RAW agent. The innocent kid who just wants to find out about his lost father becomes an assassin after growing up. First, let me gush over his hotness because Aditya looks irresistibly hot. From donning the army look to his shirtless scenes, Aditya is a treat to sore eyes. Aditya is mostly seen playing the lover boy roles in his previous films; however, after Malang, he seems to have rolled up his sleeves and gone an extra mile with action. He quite does amazes you with his action in the movie. In some parts, it doesn’t even look like he was acting because his action scenes were that smooth. After Tiger Shroff, it is a refreshing change to see Aditya exploring this genre.

Sanjana Sanghi plays another RAW partner Kavya who works with Om. Sanjana is a revelation! Shattering her girl-next-door image from Dil Bechara, Sanjana stuns me with her action. Usually, in such action films, it is observed that female leads have very less to contribute to the film; however, Sanjana was different here. She started off with a bang and by the end of the film, she gets lost in the plot.

Prakash Raj is a phenomenal actor but surprisingly, he reminds me a lot of Jaikanth Shirkhe from Singham. I couldn’t take that image out of my head which was quite disappointing.

Jackie Shroff, another brilliant actor delivered a mediocre performance. I wonder if it was the script or the character development. Ashutosh Rana also delivers a strong performance as another RAW agent Jaideep Rathore.


Whenever the warriors head for a battle, they cry ‘Har Har Mahadev’ well, you need to cry ‘Jai Bhavani’ before watching Rashtra Kavach Om movie. The only good thing about the movie is to watch Aditya Roy Kapur who impresses you with his act and amazes you with his killer body.

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