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Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin has found a fan in Bollywood’s Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan. The superstar and his wife were much impressed with Kalki Koechlin and have decided to launch the poster and the trailer of her film Margarita with a Straw on March 4.


Aamir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao watched Sonali Bose’s movie about an aspiring songwriter afflicted by cerebral palsy and have now decided to lend their support to the film. When Aamir watched the film, this is what he told director Bose, “On watching the film, Aamir’s first response to me was, ‘India must see this; what can I do?”

Kalki revealed her feelings regarding teh movie , “I was really scared of doing it, I was very nervous about it. I think I needed more convincing. At the beginning, I was like, I need at least six months of training for this or I can’t possibly do it. I was scared, but of course it’s a mixed thing where, as an actor, why I act is because it’s so exciting to push through those boundaries of where you can go as a human being.”

Kalki’s movie Margarita, with a Straw! premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, in the Contemporary World Cinema category. With Aamir having put his weight behind this indie film, we’re sure the film will have a much wider audience.

Take a look at the impressive trailer of the film below.
MARGARITA, WITH A STRAW – International Trailer

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