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On 23rd August, 2:30 pm IST Stray Kids have dropped their new full album titled NOEASY and the music video for their title track Thunderous. The group had already piqued fans’ interests with their movie-like trailers. Along with the trailer for the full album, Stray Kids had also dropped individual teasers for every single song of the album as a part of their UNVEIL series. Unlike other albums, this album features sub-unit songs.

The first sub-unit consists of HAN, Seungmin and I.N who show off their vocal skills in the song Gone Away which is about unrequited love. The second sub-unit has Lee Know, Changbin and Felix with a summery dance track named Surfin. Fans have already started a dance challenge on this song, #SURFIN’. The final sub-unit consists of Bang Chan and Hyunjin with a grand and sexy track titled ‘Red Lights’.


Thunderous, the title track is composed by Stray Kids’ own producing team 3RACHA (HAN, Changbin and Bang Chan) and HotSauce. In their ‘Intro: “NOEASY”‘ video, Changbin says that the song is addressed to haters who constantly nag at them. The song’s main message is that Stray Kids will put their sound out into the world no matter what people say. Featuring powerful rap verses, a catchy beat-drop, and witty lyrics, this song radiates Stray Kids’ unique style. The music video starts with a colourful animation followed by Changbin’s powerful rap. The chorus flaunts a resonating bass and an impactful dance with Stray Kids’ main dancer Lee Know in the centre.

The album NOEASY has already sold a million preordered copies, setting a new record for the group. In the span of 47 minutes, the music video has reached 458K views. Fans are also raving about the thunderous comeback on social media.

You can watch the video here.

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