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Earlier today, Netflix announced that Kim Woo Bin, Esom and Kang Yoo Seok are all set to feature together in the thriller-drama web show, ‘Delivery Knight.’ With this, Kim will be reuniting with Director Jo Eui Seok, who previously worked on the film ‘Master’


Sharing the official announcement, the official social media handle of Netflix Korea wrote: “In a future world where everything has been destroyed by rapid desertification, the story of the couriers who play the most important roles here. Kim Woo-bin, Esom, and Kang Yoo-seok come as ‘courier drivers’. Shipping destination? Only Netflix!”

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It takes place in 2071 where pollution has become so dreadful that people can’t live without respirators and tells of the story that discloses as the legendary delivery knight. The series ‘Delivery Driver’, which will show the volatile story of a messenger who is a rival for some, hope for some and a useful tool for others.

Kim Woo will play a delivery man who goes by the name 5-8, who has unusual fighting skills and later meets refugee Sa Wol (Kang Yoo Seok), who visions of becoming a delivery knight because they are the refugees’ only hope. Whereas, Seol A (Esom) will essay the character of an officer in the Defense Intelligence Command. In the show, she will be saving Sa Wol’s life and will later take care of Sa Wol like he is part of her family. While Knight 5-8 will help Sa Wol develop into a knight.

The show will be streaming on Netflix. Meanwhile, the premiere date of the upcoming show is yet to be revealed, but it reportedly set to release this year, in 2022.

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