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With the advent of the OTT platform, the barriers between the audience and international content has broken. People have so much of content at their disposal from every part of the world. One such show that became hugely popular in India was the Israeli show Fauda. The drama set in the backdrop of Israeli conflict found numerous fans in India. Actor-musician Tzachi Halevy, who starred in the show, recently paid a visit to India and Bollywood Bubble got the chance to indulge in an exclusive conversation with him.


When asked about the perception of Indian cinema in Israel, Tzachi Halevy shares, “There are a lot of Israelis that know about Indian cinema and it is growing there. When I was preparing the song I sang here in Hindi, it was funny because I shared a video on social media of rehearsing it in my home and people in Israel reacted to it saying, ‘hey, we know this song. It is from India.'”


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The actor-musician also shares that even though he knows about cinema, he still has a lot of work to do to get a full understanding of it. “Obviously I know about Indian cinema and I don’t have to tell you how vast it is. But I need a couple of years to really understand and see as much and this is why I am here. To learn more about your great industry and to hopefully create something together. Creativity should work together and friendship should be nourished with creativity,” he asserts.

Tzachi arrived in Delhi in the beginning of May where he attended the 74th Independence Day celebration at the Israeli embassy. There, he performed a rendition of the song ‘Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahaan’ from Yaarana and a video of him crooning that song went viral on social media. Talking about how it all came to happen, he revealed, “It was a great surprise and I must thank my friend Atul for it. He lives in India and I called him to tell him that I was coming to the country and would like to try do an adaptation of a local song and he suggested this one. I heard a couple of versions of it and got to know about its history. Working on the song was just about listening it repetitively and trying to pronounce it correctly. I sang it at the celebration of the 74th Independence Day of Israel and 30 years of friendship between our two countries and the feedback I received was amazing. The crowd was singing with me. So, I am glad it was a good choice but now I have to think about the next song,” he quips.

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Tzachi is known for being a part of some renowned Israeli films like Bethlehem, The Kind Words, the Angel and Laila In Haifa. On TV too, he has some amazing work to his credit including Fauda, Mossad 101 and The Grave. As for his music career, Tzachi participated in the first season of The Voice Israel in 2012 where he was one of the finalists. After that, he released his first music album, Kivvunim. In 2020, he won the first season of the show The Masked Singer as The Rooster.

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