BTS RM, rm, kim nam joon, BTS RM worst day

BTS leader Kim Nam Joon aka RM is having the worst day of 2021 and BTS ARMY is crazy worried about him. RM seemed to have deleted the audion files from his computer accidentally on which he was working over new music. Nam Joon is having a mental breakdown as he could not recover the files. RM Took to his Weverse account and shared the sad update with ARMY.

Sharing the post Nam Joon wrote, “I did (PC) cleaning wrong today. So the file I was working on, all the audios got deleted. Just mental breakdown in itself. Still, I tried having strength. I was almost done with it. I am sure this is the worst day of this year. I’m going to record it as a ‘moment’ since I’m sad.” Clearly, the BTS ARMY has been worried about RM as they sent in messages for the rapper.

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ARMY were just as shocked as they took to Twitter and wrote, “Poor joonie… i wish someone just help him recover the file :((“, another fan wrote, “Please tell me he can recover it. Please. Thats the worst to happen honestly.”, one more fan wrote, “this is AGONY fr I remember working so hard on an audio recording and yo…once the file is gone you can’t recover it and those little little beats and audio recordings details you put in that file just come back to you and hit you RM IM SORRY 😭”

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