Will Salman Khan host Bigg Boss next year?

Superstar Salman Khan was truly disappointed with Kushal Tandon’s behavior with Tanisha Mukherjee, that he could not control his anger and declared that this will be his last season with Bigg Boss.


As per sources ,  An angry Salman Khan gave a earful to the actor and said, If you are thinking that you can clean your image, it’s a misconception,” Salman told Kushal, and added he too had faced it and realized Tanisha Mukherjee, that one’s mistakes are engraved on people’s memories.

He was heard quoting that,  “Because of this episode, this might be the last season for me.”he even posted this on Twitter Most of us men and women stand up against men who run them down,” wrote the super star and added that if this is not the culture, “it better become”.