Salman Khan back-stab Aamir Khan

Salman Khan and Aamir Khan have been close for years. Their friendship has stood the test of ups and downs, but is still going strong. But the recent tornado might break them apart.


As per sources, Salman Khan had an understanding with Aamir Khan that they will never release their movies close to each other to avoid clashing at the Box Office, but now it seems that the Dabangg Khan is all set to release his movie ‘Jai Ho’ within five days of ‘Dhoom 3’ release on his fans demand. This step might not go well with buddy Aamir as he might feel back-stabbed.

Salman Khan fans will surely be thrilled to know that soon their favourite star will be seen on screen. But will Salman Khan go through his decision or change the dates of his release for good friend Aamir.