‘Dhoom 3’ will go down in Bollywood history as the most secretively made film. From the beginning itself it has been kept under wraps. Today it will be revealed as the trailer of the movie is being launched in IMAX format but what is this we hear Katrina Kaif is asked not to attend the launch.

As per sources, “Everything is mysterious about Dhoom:3. The more you ask the makers of the film about Katrina being kept away, the quieter they become”.


Sources further said,“If the makers are asked why Katrina has been kept away from the promotions, you get a stoic response: ‘We have other plans’. Nobody apart from producer Aditya Chopra and Aamir know what’s going on. Apparently, they don’t want Katrina to talk to the media just as yet.”

Will someone reveal the reason behind this step?