Sanjay Dutt in glare

Actor Sanjay Dutt who was recently given an extension of four weeks by the Supreme Court to surrender,is very much under a great strain.As the day of the incarceration is drawing close he is rapidly losing his cool,it seems Sanjay has finally buckled under the pressure of the impending predicament.Apparently, the actor has now given up all hopes or even desire of clemency.


As per Sources,a few days ago while shooting he suddenly burst out saying, “Ab bahot ho gaya.I can’t take the wait any more. Better that I go in now than later. This agony of watching the day approach is killing me. Baba is worried to death about bhabhi and the children. No matter how much we reassure him that we are there for them and that the show will go on until he returns, he finally knows that his absence cannot be compensated by friends. He’s very worried. The strain is almost unbearable We’re concerned about his health.

Looks like Sanju just wants to get it over with now. He knows he has to go in,