Salman Khan

Superstar Salman Khan has a vast fan following not only in India but abroad too. The Khan too always make sure the fans are treated well . Now Sallu is busy with the shoot of his movie Kick In Poland. He had never thought that he will find his fans here too .  The crew of Kick was in for surprise as Salman was mobbed here to by his fans.

As per sources, “During a particular action sequence which Salman was shooting for, an over excited fan came running towards him. In the chaos and enthusiasm, she happened to trip and fall flat on her face, injuring herself. Salman saw this and was worried for her. He took some time off from the schedule and personally arranged for her treatment and later even posed for pictures with her. For the fan of course, her day was made, even though she injured herself in the bargain.”

Sources further  added that Sajid Nadiadwala  too could not believe it,  “He was heard telling people that he had expected the shoot to progress smoothly but Salman’s fans seem to land up everywhere. He already had a tough time dealing with fans during their Delhi schedule. So he was hoping that things would be better in Poland. But he is quite hassled by the chaos fans have been creating and can’t wait to wrap up the shoot.”

Well Sajid, this is the Magic of Dabangg Khan that you will find his fans in every corner of this planet.