Sanjay Dutt in serious mood

Actor Sanjay Dutt few days after getting a reprieve from the Supreme Court has filed for a review petition against the Apex Courts March 21 judgement,that upheld the conviction of sentencing him to five years in prison in the 1993 Mumbai blast case.Well a review petition is filed for a review of a Supreme court or High Court judgement for any possible errors.The aggrieved party (Dutt in this case) needs to have a strong case in order to unsettle any judgment.


According to sources,Sanjay Dutts review petition was filed by Delhi based legal team.If the review petition is dismissed, Dutt still would have the option of filing a curative petition which is the last legal check against any gross miscarriage of justice by the country’s apex court.If both the petitions are rejected by the Supreme Court, Sanjay Dutt can seek pardon from the President. However, in a press conference last month, the actor said he would not seek pardon.


Hope this review will end all the trauma faced by Sanjay  Dutt and Family.