Rakhi Sawant Donates Her B**Bs

Controversial queen Rakhi Sawant always grabs the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Reality TV star and the ex-Bigg Boss contestant is once again in the limelight, and you will be shocked to see what she is up to now.


Rakhi has now said that she wants to donate her b**bs. Shocked? But that’s true. Taking to her Instagram, Rakhi said that she wants to donate her b**bs. She starts her video praising people who donate various body organs like eyes, kidney, lungs, etc. In the video, she further says, “I don’t have anything else to donate other than my b**bs. So, I want to donate my b**bs. I don’t know who would want to have these. So, let’s see who gets these”.

Check the video below.


Needless to say, Rakhi’s video become viral in no time. This video has also taken the internet by storm. As soon as she posted the video, lewd and derogatory comments started pouring in for the actress. Most of the netizens started making a joke of her while there were some who appreciated her thoughts.

Earlier in an interview with the Mumbai Mirror, the 37-year-old actress admitted of going under the knife. She said, “I have undergone plastic surgery. I got my breasts done. Big deal. If you start collecting the plastic that has gone into our Bollywood bodies, I can fill three trucks outside this very building. At least I’m honest enough to admit to it.”

What do you have to about Rakhi Sawant’s donating her assets for social welfare? Do share your views.

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