Katrina Kaif smile

Bollywood’s No 1 diva has done less shooting in the last few months than all her contemporaries, because she only wants to do films that will suit her status.And many a time, Kat has seen her decisions going awry.



Bang Bang with Hrithik Roshan has been delayed — firstly because Hrithik was said to be reworking portions of the script and secondly, because of the strife in Kashmir. So, Kat was forced to sit at home and twiddle her thumbs.She has got one of the biggest films of the year — Dhoom 3. But the unfortunate bit is that since Aamir Khan is shuttling between Raju Hirani’s P.K. and Adi’s film, some more of her dates were wasted.

Well Katrina being Bollywood’s No 1 diva has its good and bad effects.