Katrina Kaif with Deepika Padukone

Katrina Kaif And Deepika Padukone Have one thing common between them:Ranbir Kapoor.One is his past, another his present,so it was highly amusing to see these two ladies share the same stage at the IPL opening ceremony on Tuesday.

Well it was clear that the two would not share a word with each other, so it was left to Shah Rukh Khan to be in between them to avoid any claws from coming out.



As per information“Both are not known for their dancing skills so no wonder their act was so lacklustre.It appeared that Dippy was in aerobics class while Kat who lip synched her songs tried hard to recall what Farah Khan had taught her during her Sheila days!

Well looks like the Kittens are about to unsheath their claws.