Kangana Ranaut Dancing with 81 year old lady

Kangna Ranaut for her upcoming movie Rajjo in which she plays a nautch girl had to appear for a major test of her career. The Actress had to match steps with Gulab Bai a 81 year old Lavani Queen. The dance sequence was for her upcoming film helmed by Vishwas Patil.


As per inside sources,“Kangna was very nervous dancing alongside Gulab Bai. There is a scene in the film where both dance together. However, her efforts left the senior dancer quite impressed.”Says Patil, “Gulab Bai was the tamasha queen of yesteryear and Kangna has danced with her in the film. The senior dancer also entertained us by singing on the sets.”

Well this is one hard working girl who will  achieve  the  tag of a top notch actress.