Kailash Kher on his album 'Ishq Anokha'

Singer Kailash Kher is happy with the response his album ‘Ishq Anokha’ has garnered, especially on the social media platforms.

“Already it has created a storm. Ishq Anokha’s first song had 1 million views in a week or so. We received a lot of praise for it. People have also liked our second video. On Soundcloud, in just three days there were 7-8 lakh views. So we have received a very good response to the album,” Kher said in an interview.

The video of ‘Ishq Anokha’ stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Sobhita Dhulipala, who also feature in the upcoming film ‘Raman Raghav 2.0’. The second song, ‘O Jogi’ stars actor-comedian Mantra.

“If you listen to the songs your heart will understand the lyrics more. All like their own craft but I don’t like it that much and I believe that now it is not mine but yours. What was born in me is now yours. What I have written is inspired from you. I have dedicated it to you,” he added.

‘Ishq Anokhaa’ is Kher’s fifth album after ‘Kailasa’, ‘Jhoomo Re’, ‘Chaandan Mein’ and ‘Rangeele’ which had popular songs such as ‘Teri Deewani’, ‘Tauba Tauba’, and ‘Saiyyaan’.

His band Kailasa also consists of members like Paresh and Naresh, who also feature in music videos.


“We ourselves write, compose and sing. We have a way of living, thinking and understanding music. In my view, music is not just a medium of entertainment for me, it is a conversation with you, the creations of God, and conversations with God,” he said.

“Sometimes I even fight while singing. That’s how my thoughts connect. It’s as if God himself comes and asks ‘what has happened to you, why are you so happy and crazy, why are you dancing like atandav’,” he added.

Other than music, Kher has also turned producer with the serial ‘Baba Kedarnath’.

“We have produced a serial so in a way our production house has started, through Kailasa. Now we have done a serial and if God gives any indications then we may also do films. We haven’t decided till now. We don’t plan anything. I am a man with no plans,” he said.

Actors Anupam Kher and Vivek Oberoi have shot for the show, in which Hema Malini and other popular singers have also sung.

Inputs from IANS


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