Here's what Salman Khan has to say 'Sultan' poster being photoshopped

Salman Khan‘s Eid release ‘Sultan’ has finally arrived and is breaking all possible records. Although this movie has made to the news for all great reasons, there were rumours floating around that one of the posters of the film was photoshopped.


Salman in his true ‘bhai’ style has opened up on the poster and here’s what he said to a leading daily,

I think it was photoshopped. The head wasn’t looking correct. Maybe, it wasn’t photoshopped but there was something very weird about the head. Photoshop would be a wrong word. The proportion was slightly wrong. My head looks bigger in that picture because of the angle in which the picture was taken. In fact, the kind of shape that I was in, during the film, is not the same shape you will see me in the movie. I will show you a picture. (He calls for his phone and he shows six images of him working out at the YRF gym with a perfectly sculpted body) These gym pictures cannot be photoshopped. If there is anything that we should be accused of, it is un-photoshopping the pictures. We enhanced some more fat on my body because when we were shooting, I was really ripped. While fighting, I could not look so ripped because wrestlers are not built like that.

Kudos to Salman for being so vocal about his poster. We cannot agree enough on what he just said.

In case, you don’t know which picture we are referring to, here’s the much-in-news poster for you:

Sultan Poster

watch the video below to know more,

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