Interesting reasons why Bollywood movies release on Friday

Well, every Friday there is a new release and moviegoers flock to cinema halls without wondering why just Friday. Have you ever given a thought as to why movies release on Friday? Has this ever crossed your mind or it’s just that you thought it’s the start of a weekend and hence Friday as the release day for all movies?

We have uncovered some important and interesting reasons about why Bollywood movies release on Friday. Check them out…

1) The first and the foremost reason is that Friday is followed by a 2-day holiday weekend. This looks like a perfect opportunity for producers and makers of a movie to cash in on the movie’s release. Imagine a movie to release on a Monday or a Thursday. Nobody would bunk their offices for a first day first show and producers would be running in losses. Friday looks like a perfect day for the audiences and the filmmakers. So, this is one of the most common reasons for movies releasing on a Friday.

2) Second reason is that Fridays are considered as pay-days where many employees who earn salaries on a weekly basis get their pay on Fridays, since Saturday and Sunday is a holiday. So it’s but natural that they will be relaxed and willing to shell out money for a movie outing over the weekend.

3) Third reason is religious. Since, India is a country where religion is given utmost importance and people have been following various rituals and superstitions even today, this reason is understood. So, Friday is considered as an auspicious time, since it’s the day of Goddess Lakshmi and considered to be holy in India by most religions.

4) Fourth reason traces back to the first movie that had released in Hollywood. So basically this is an American concept that is followed in Bollywood. The first movie to release was ‘Gone With The Wind’, that released on Friday, December 15, 1939. However, in Bollywood, the first movie that got released on a Friday was ‘Mughal-E-Azam’ on August 5, 1960.

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