Farhan Akhtar in serious look

Farhan Akhtar who has recently launched MARD ‘Men against Rape and Discrimination’ campaign. States that the responsibility to create a safe environment lies not only with the government but also with the citizens. Farhan a father of two daughters, want the girl child to never feel scared of stepping out of their homes.


According to sources,Farhan Akhtar says,”If we say that it’s only the police’s job and we only sit at home and play victim and keep watching what is happening, then that’s wrong. At an individual level we should try and bring about a change,” the 39-year-old said on the sets of Indian Premier League (IPL) show.”My demand is same as yours that the society should be safer for everyone – girls, women or small girls. They should never be scared about going out, they should never feel that they are considered less. So these things should change. Till that doesn’t happen, we will have to fight this war.”

so true Farhan unless we the citizens step forward nothing can be achieved .