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SS Rajamouli’s directorial RRR is all set to hit the theatres in a few days. As the day of the release is near, actors Ram Charan, Jr NTR are busy promoting the upcoming movie on all major platforms. In an exclusive interview with us, Jr NTR and Ram Charan opened up on the South Vs Bollywood divide.

Well, it is no secret that the fine line between Bollywood and South films has been disappearing. The change took place over a long time but Baahubali 1 and 2 made everyone stand up and take notice. The Rajamouli directorial featuring Prabhas and Anushka Shetty worked as a catalyst. Soon the borders started visibly disappearing.


The terrific RRR trio:  filmmaker SS Rajamouli along with actors Ram Charan and NTR Jr joined Bollywood Bubble host Nayandeep Rakshit for an exclusive chat. They got candid about how the industry’s perception has changed towards South films. Also about why there is no divide between other film industries and Bollywood anymore.

Speaking to Nayandeep Jr NTR said, “The perception is changing and that is the man(SSRajamouli) who opened the door, we stopped calling ourselves like Hollywood Bollywood, Tollywood, Sandalwood and more. We started calling ourselves the great Indian cinema.

Ram Charan added, “I think we are lucky to be in an era where this is happening. It has opened up the borders, that are seamless now. He(SS Rajamouli) has broken up all the barriers with Baahubali and many more films now henceforth. We are the blessed generation.”


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They also opened up if they ever felt like why is this divide not going?

Jr NTR said, ” See we knew that someone has to start it, somewhere it has to start. We never felt bad, we were never discriminated. Everyone has had an opportunity, everyone had a market, everyone had their directors. Well, we were just looking forward to that it will happen one day. Then it will be like we will be all a part of it.

RC said, “Also we were content in doing what we were doing before that. In fact thousands of people, thousands of actors even want to be in the place that happened to us and thank God for that. This is a perk, another feather in our hat. ”

Take a look at the full conversation below:

Speaking about the period drama RRR, the movie also features Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgn in a pivotal roles. The Rajamouli directorial that is made on a budget of Rs 450 crores is all set to hit the theatres on March 25.

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