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Actor Rakshit Shetty is all set to woo the audience as he is going to bring his upcoming film, 777 Charlie. The film is a Kannada movie which will be dubbed in different languages including Hindi. As the makers are also targeting a larger audience for the movie, Rakshit was asked about the most talked-about North vs South debate during a fun interview with Bollywood Bubble.

He not only sheds light on the debate but also mentioned what made the films Baahubali and KGF a blockbuster.


In an exclusive interview with us, Rakshit said, “This is the start I believe it’s not come there yet but there is always a start and we are moving towards that probably another five years down the line. If you come to north India obviously south India always recognized Bollywood actors like we knew like I have watched Bollywood films right from the childhood but the north Indian crowd didn’t recognize the south Indian actors only a few of them travel like Kamala Haasan sir or Rajnikanth.


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There are hardly few people who travelled but now because like probably 10-15 years back when the south Indian film started getting dubbed and you know started coming on tv like channels like set max or zee cinemas that is when uh you know people started getting to know about Indian films because of that dubbed content. this market grew so big that you know Baahubali dared to come in theatres as well and KGF dared to come in theatres and that’s where we are moving towards and I think now north Indian crowds are also recognizing them. most of them know you know which actor from which industry comes from at least a big chunk of the crowd knows now,” the 777 Charlie star further said.

Moreover, the Kirik Party actor even spoke about the pan-India trend. When asked if he is aiming for 777 Charlie as a Pan-India movie, he told us, “When you make a film, you look around and see there’s a market, just by dubbing the film, you can actually explore that market. It’s a crime if you don’t explore it because there’s a good investment which is one in the for the film there is a good amount, I mean more than the investment when I say investment more than the money I am talking about time.


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For example, for 777 Charlie we have given three years to make this film we have shot for 167 days and I know for the fact that we ourselves can’t make a 777 Charlie again and let alone some other team coming and doing the film, we ourself can’t make it. When we have made this now, it only makes sense because there are dog lovers across the country and if you don’t tap that market then it’s a waste of a good product. I believe not every film should be a pan-India in different but if you have a product which has a market then you have to explore that market you know it only makes sense to explore the market especially when the whole world is going global.

Today, we are sitting here and watching Narcos which has made somewhere in which is made in some other language which you don’t understand but we watch it in subtitles we are watching Squid Games. when the world is moving towards that, I’m not just saying regional cinema I’m saying Indian cinema should come up with content where the world is the market and I think filmmakers have to you know this is the time when you know we can show Indian cinema to the world when we talk about pan Indian films like every as you said like every film cannot be pan-Indian,” Rakshit Shetty added.

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