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Many actors have mentioned that they are okay with media talking about them or criticising them; however, they don’t take it when the reports are subjected to their families. Similarly, in a recent tete-tete with Superstars and biggest father-son-duo Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya, they mentioned that it bothers them when the media reports nasty news on their family. Chaitanya and Nagarjuna also revealed how they deal with such news if ever they come across and that is by simply not reacting to it at all. 

The Criminal actor exclusively told Bollywood Bubble, “The only thing that bothers me is if they write about my family. That is the only thing, they write about me, I’m okay. I always think that unless there’s fruit in the tree, they won’t throw stones right. There’s a Telugu saying which I follow, so it’s okay, it’s no big deal. Sometimes they write nasty about the family and (they) personally create things, especially these YouTube channels,” adding that he has to literally click on to ‘not interested’ button whenever he comes across such videos.


The same was asked to Chaitanya who said, “One way of looking at this is that it is the media’s job to report it and write, what they have to write. It defines the kind of media that they are, that’s their job. But at the same time, I don’t have to react to it, it’s up to me. And like dad said unless it is about family or something personal that needs to be corrected, correct it. Otherwise, it’s okay, don’t react. News replaces news, tomorrow it is forgotten.


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The Love Story actor was asked if these things bothered him during the early days of his career, he told us, “Absolutely, I went through the process too. During my initial days, I was like ‘okay, do I have to react or not react, what’s there to do?’ But then you start growing up, you know you start figuring it out and now, I have come to the stage in my life where I’m very comfortable by not reacting. 

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The father-son duo Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya feel that not reacting to certain news gives them power and not feel powerless.

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