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Actor Yash is currently basking in praises for his recently released film KGF 2. The film is smashing some box office records. The movie is actually a Kannada-language period action film that has been dubbed Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. Even though it is considered to be a South movie, KGF: Chapter 2 has become a pan-India film. Talking about the constant divide between North and South, in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Yash and Sriniddhi Shetty spoke about the gap between the two industries.

Change is inevitable, I think it is bound to happen, in terms of life, profession, everywhere. It is good that we’re seeing change. It is good that the lines are getting blurred and we are all coming together. I’m so happy that we’re living in these times where everything is getting dissolved. Such a good thing to see Indian actors working in these languages, I think it is great and I’m sure there’s always some room for improvement and things will get better and better,” Sriniddhi Shetty who plays Reena in KGF 2 told us. 


Yash who plays Rocky in KGF 2 gave an elaborate answer saying that people have accepted it long back but it is the industry hat that needs to accept it as they need validation on everything. He told us, “I think this is something that we should have realised long ago, everything needs validation. The success, the numbers, that speaks. I think the audience always believed in it so they were consuming it, it is just about the people who work in the industry, we have to accept it. If they have not accepted the fact that India is one and the entertainment industry is the one industry, they wouldn’t have supported the films in the past also. It’s about us man, nothing to do with people, they are always right, they are fast-forward. They will be thinking about all this but they see it in one glance, we take time. We need validation, we need numbers. After all this, you will be expecting that to happen again and again for you to accept that fact but I think we have moved on. Three years ago, people have asked me the same question ‘do you want to get into Bollywood?’”


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I feel it’s good, I believe our cultural differences are our strengths, it’s not our weakness,” giving an example of the Indian army and how they defend the country regardless of where the soldiers are coming from. He even termed the actors as soldiers who give good content and entertain people and it shouldn’t be about from which state the artist is coming. “That supposed to be my strength, I’m representing Karnataka, I love my people, I love my language but I’m also an Indian. It doesn’t mean that I can’t come to another state and show my talent or tell a story of what we have. It is just being open and understanding what the audience wants. That’s it,” the KGF star continued.

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