Priyanka Chopra – Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti Chopra is very fond of her sister Priyanka Chopra . Comparisons tend to happen when two sisters land in a Same Profession . Parineeti  believes she has her own identity and doesn’t want to be known as Pc’s Sister . She said “I am proud to be Priyanka’s sister. But I want to be known for myself.

Parineeti doesn’t see Priyanka as competition at all. “How can Priyanka be my rival? She is been here so much longer. I think I am lucky that I am known after just two films as more than Priyanka’s cousin. People say we’re both good actors.”


I am a Trained Singer Says Parineeti, “It runs in the family. My dad and Priyanka’s dad are brothers. They used to sing together on stage. And when Priyanka and I were kids, we performed on stage together. So yeah, I love singing. If I get a chance to make a dream singing debut like Priyanka, I’d grab it. Maybe later. And I also love reading. But most of all I like sleeping. That’s when I regain all my energy. Then I go out and act.”

She further added “I was a focused student in school and college. I want to continue that way as an actress.”

Well , Comparisons cannot happen Certainly as the amount of Work Priyanka has done is Much more than Parineeti 😉