Arjun Kapoor in serious mood

Well have you ever wondered how the likes of Jason Statham or Jackie Chan carry out all those incredible stunts in films wearing all those tuxedo? Newcomer Arjun Kapoor realized this on the sets of his new movie Aurangzeb. He plays a double role in the movie and for one of his role  he has worn a lot of suits so had a tough time executing his vigorous action scenes.


As per sources, “One of the guys he’s essaying is someone who looks very harmless but won’t think twice before taking his gun out. And he’s very savvy too as far as his crisp outlook goes. No wonder Arjun is going to be seen in several shades of form-fitting jackets and all. In fact, he has worn over 45 suits throughout the film,It’s quite obvious that when you’re running around and have hand-to-hand fight scenes — not to forget, handling heavy guns — formal clothing wouldn’t be the ideal choice.”
Well, yes Arjun it does sound uncomfortable.