Sanjay Dutt going to prison

Actor Sanjay Dutt convicted in the Mumbai Blast case is a very disheartened man today, as he feels his friends have left him, but it is not so there are certain sections of the industry who are staunchly loyal to him.This has been proven by the facts that Zanjeer’s ending has been changed so that Sanju is now a part of it .


As per sources,”We are shooting an extra scene with Sanju sir.since this would probably be Sanju sir’s last shot for the next few years, we want the audience to leave the theater with a very strong impression of his character.”

It’s a very old-fashioned ending now where Dutt’s character Sher Khan would make a witty remark. And Ram and Priyanka would burst out pleasurably,establishing Sanjay Dutt’s supremacy.