Aamir Khan -Katrina Kaif

We all know that Aamir-Katrina are shooting for Dhoom 3 and both of them are extremely fond of each other , After shooting , team dhoom 3 stays goes back to their Rooms While on a cold, winter morning, there is nothing like enjoying some warm moments with the family. And for that, Katrina Kaif has her co-star Aamir Khan to thank for. Rumours are that Aamir stalled the shoot of their film for a week to let Kat take a break and spend Christmas and New Year with her family in their London home.


Source Revealed , “Aamir has been in a remarkable mood. In fact, it was during a casual conversation with the rest of the cast that Katrina mentioned her wish to spend Christmas and New Year with her family. Initially, the unit was to shoot throughout the last week of the year. Aamir requested the production house to delay the shoot so that Kat could take her holiday.” So while the actress is still practicing her stunts for the action-thriller, the next schedule of the film has been set for February. Bon voyage to Katrina, then!

We Wish The Bonding Between Aamir-Katrina Will Be Seen on Screen Too !


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