Aamir Khan Production House in 12 months

Aamir Khan the perfectionist of bollywood’s road to success is well defined.He doesn’t mind rejecting 100 scripts to find that one pearl in the haystack. If sources are to be believed his production house has rejected more than 200 scripts, among them are scripts from big filmmaker’s too(Vishal Bhardwaj,Rohit Shetty).They receive 10-15 scripts every month which goes through the evaluation system , before going to Aamir Khan who gives the final wave.



As quoted by a source” First, the script is subjected to a round of initial scrutiny to see if it should move to round two. If we accept the script, we give the filmmaker a signed letter from Aamir saying that he has accepted the script and that if he finds it good enough, he will get back to the filmmaker.We are not in a hurry to produce a film and are waiting for a good script. All our films have been path-breaking ones and we would like to continue the same way,”

Ah well that’s how the strong and the mighty work.