sridevi birthday special

There are very rare actors who are able to leave an impact on viewers across all age and one of them was Sridevi. The late actress Sridevi, rightfully known as India’s First Female Superstar ruled the people’s heart with her enigmatic personality and talent that was simply unmatchable.

In her career spanning decades, Sridevi tried her hands at all kinds of roles and played each one of them with élan. Her timeless beauty, innocence and down-to-earth attitude made her stand apart from the rest.


On her 56th birth anniversary, we are here to take you on a trip down the memory lane. Let’s relive her childlike innocence and unparalleled charm with these 7 memorable songs. Have a look

Mr.India Parody song (Mr India)

If you have watched this film, I am sure you will know what makes it so special. ‘Mr. India’ is undeniably one of the best films starring Sridevi and Anil Kapoor. Now, most of the songs of this film are a gem but this ‘Parody song’ is something else. The equation Sridevi shares with those kids is so endearing and relatable. Also, so many hit songs are wonderfully tweaked to suit the situation and that makes this song so amusing. ‘Mr India’ is the film which will always remain the most special one in Sridevi’s filmography. The classic film will be passed on as a legacy.

Ek Dafa Ek Jungle Tha (Sadma)

Another heart-wrenching film starring our one and only Sridevi. The range of expressions Sridevi has showcased in this one film can easily surpass several actors’ attempt to do it in their lifetime. Sridevi was a gifted actress and this film is a testimony to that fact. Just check this one song from the film and you will know what I am talking about. By the way, if you haven’t watched this film yet, then you can’t even imagine what you are missing in your life.

Hawa Hawai (Mr. India)

Crooned by Kavita Krishnamurthy, ‘Hawa Hawai’ is everyone’s all-time favourite song of Sridevi. The opening part of the song where lyricist Javed Akhtar has plugged in gibberish rhyming words and the way Sridevi has emoted them is marvellous. Only she could have pulled something like this. Sridevi’s expressions and her goofy side are the highlights of this song. And just as the song’s lyrics go- “Main hu har dil pe chaayi”, Sridevi truly is still ruling everyone’s heart.

Na Jane Kahan Se (Chaal Baaz)

Sridevi’s childlike innocence was her biggest asset. She was sexy no doubt but still in a cute way. She never adhered to the norms of the industry and despite being a top actress and belonging to the ultra-glamorous world she was able to retain her innocence. Now that’s commendable. Isn’t it?

Main Hoon Roop Ki Rani (Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja)

Sridevi was indeed born to act. Her screen presence was unmatchable and her acting was effortless. Now those are the quality very few stars are blessed with. Check out the way she enjoys doing what she does in this song. And you will know why people still adore her so much.

Main Sasural Nahin Jaoongi (Chandni)

Again showcasing her goofy side, Sridevi is on a roll in this hilarious song. Look at the way she describes the scenarios and easily evoke laughter. She was indeed the only actress to have achieved so much in so little time.

Boochadamma Boochadu (‘Badi Panthulu’ )

As you may know, Sridevi started acting from the age of 4. She starred in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films. Now this song is not from a Bollywood film but from ‘Badi Panthulu’ that released in 1972. Just look at her expressions and the ease with which she performed even at such a young age. No doubt she went on to become India’s most influential actress.

We miss her so much and no matter what she will continue to rule our hearts forever.

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