Bollywood films with strong mother characters

Today we are celebrating Mother’s Day. It is a day to appreciate the efforts made by our mothers to turn us into a good human being. We sure remember that iconic dialogue “Mere paas maa hai!” mouthed by Shashi Kapoor in the cult film ‘Deewar’ (1975). These four words sum up what a Mother means to her child. Talking about Bollywood films, there have been a lot of changes witnessed in the making of it over the years, but the character of ‘Maa’ still finds the same emotional connect and prominence among the audiences. (Also Check: In Pictures: Bollywood stars and their supermoms)

Bollywood has continued to witness some of the strongest mother characters and the films produced in last decade are no exception. Today, on this special day, we have decided to honour the contribution of these popular onscreen mothers who made us realise the importance of a mother.

Here we list some powerful characters that have definitely created a place in everyone’s hearts.

Have a look!

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