The Ghazi Attack true story

A few more days before India’s first war-at-sea film sees the light of the theatres. To say that we are excited would be an understatement. True, Indian films are going through some major evolution in terms of technical aspects. Films like ‘Baahubali’ are a proof of that advancement. But ‘The Ghazi Attack‘ is not just another film high on special effects. It directly throws light on pieces of history. PNS Ghazi, the most valued war submarine of Pakistan navy, had a mysterious end during the 1971 India-Pakistan naval war. Both the countries have their respective versions of the story, and the film put an effort to pick the best version. (Also Read: ‘The Ghazi Attack’ makers give us an insight into the reel INS Vikrant)


Meanwhile, we dug deep and found the series of events that happened before and after Ghazi attacked us. Have a read!