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A female star who has been ruling at the numero uno position for close to a decade is none other than Deepika Padukone. She has over the years been part of many commercial blockbusters and cinematic gems. Such has been the impact of some of these performances that girls and women across the country continue to remember the names and relate to these characters.

While the star has almost always walked away with rave reviews, here’s looking at the finest, most authentic, and nuanced performances by Deepika Padukone so far.


Alisha in Gehraiyaan

Possibly her most raw, real, and relatable character, Deepika Padukone went out on a limb for her Gehraiyaan character Alisha. Embracing her beauty and flaws with equal ease. The star walked away with the film with several stating that no one could have played the character the way she did.


While Deepika Padukone has headlined several big-ticket films, audiences most relate to her in this simple, regular avatar that women across the country identified with. Since the character had no frills or crutches to reply on, Deepika had to keep it as raw and real as possible. It’s no surprise then that the character name ‘Piku’ is one highly recalled for the star.

Tara Maheshwari in Tamasha

Deepika Padukone played the character Tara in Tamasha. It is considered one of her finest roles to date. Her quick, expressive, and emotionally agile portrayal of Tara for a character who never stopped trying no matter how hard life had been to her, felt like almost every woman’s story.


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Naina Talwar in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Young girls continue to be inspired by Deepika and especially her character of Naina Talwar. Naina comes into her own and transforms from a shy spectacled girl into a confident and accomplished woman. The star was lauded for her performance in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and for making it relatable to every modern-day Indian girl, who seeks love, freedom, adventure, and accomplishment.

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