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Many of my friends felt that Alia Bhatt is too young to play Gangubai Kathiawadi. But once the trailer was released, 80% of them had a 180-degree turn and agreed that she indeed is one of the best choices. The movie, a biopic on her life, kickstarts when she is just 16 and sold off by her lover for the flesh trade. That, my friends, is also one of the biggest reasons Alia was cast.

In a world, like we live in today, it’s more important to pull each other up rather than push people down. And I have seen women mostly do that for each other.


On one hand, Kangana Ranaut feels she can’t speak on other actresses’ films and insults a journalist who respectfully asks her a question. But a few days later, goes on to not only talk about the same films but launch a personal attack on Alia Bhatt. Wow!


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Now, I have a few questions for Kangana-

1. Why is it that you are always comparing & contesting with Deepika Padukone and Alia, and then blaming all of it on the media? If it’s a circus, it’s you who’s created it and continuing it, too. Remember you said you’re not here to “promote others films” because they have a “platform”?

2. If Gangubai was promoting prostitution and it’s a terrible choice made as an individual for Alia, do you remember what you did in a film called Rajjo?

3. You hate being labelled. Why do you label someone as papa ki pari? Who is running your production house, Kangana? Someone from your family or someone from the outside? So, are you also a promoter of nepotism?


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4. Calling Alia a romcom bimbo is nothing but shameful! You have always been respected for being a good heroine, despite some terrible films like No Problem, Tezz, Rascals, Revolver Rani, Rangoon, I Love NY, and others. But does that take away your credibility as a performer?

5. Would you like if the same people laughed at how 100 crore went down the drain when a Thalaivii failed massively at the Box office?

Before pointing fingers, look at yourself. I wish you could “STAND UP” for the women of your breed rather than shutting others and asking them to “SIT DOWN”


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