Parineeti Chopra spotboy controversy

Few days ago, a video of Parineeti Chopra posted by her on social media went viral. Now we know that the chirpy actress gets too candid on social media at times, and has endured enough troubles as far as that is concerned. This time, it was no different. There was a video and a picture of hers that she had posted, wherein a spot-boy was holding her bag and an umbrella to save her from the sun, while she was on a beach in Dubai. Quite naturally, since it has become a notion to get offended by anything and everything, Parineeti was trolled mercilessly, so much so that she had to take the post down.


Parineeti Chopra spotboy

Media too wasn’t so kind to Pari and across the wide web of internet, we could find the picture splashed across with the actress receiving flak.

We’d like to ask you, why? Is that the price you pay for being a celebrity?

Haven’t we seen spot-boys holding out shades and carrying stuff for stars before? After all, that is what they are employed for, right? Then why such a hullabaloo for Parineeti? In fact, we think that even if it had been some other star, we would have created equal ruckus, because let’s face it, we are becoming too offensive a nation. The presence of social media and easy accessibility of stars’ accounts has done no favour either.

So, all fellow netizens, including the paparazzi, please let Parineeti be. She has done nothing she should be apologetic about.

Haters gonna hate, dear Parineeti. But we’re happy to see you enjoying your Dubai holiday to the T.