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Bollywood’s Singing Sensation Tulsi Kumar comes from a musical family, her father Gulshan Kumar was the baron of India’s Biggest Music Company, T-Series. She is sister to the head honcho of T-Series Bhushan Kumar. She is married to  Hitesh Ralhan. The cute bubbly girl has mesmerized the masses with her voice. The  singer was guided by her mother Sudesh Kumari to emerge as one of India’s best voices. The youngster has even floored many a singer and composer with her dedication and melodious renditions. Tulsi Kumar was awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award for ‘Melodious Voice of the year’ on August 26, 2015 at Delhi. We bring to you an Exclusive interview with this Super Talented singing star Tulsi Kumar.

Q: How do you feel receiving the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award?

A: It is a prestigious award and its a great honour that i have got, i have to thank a lot of people because its a complete journey and getting such a big recognition really means a lot. Of course all the music composers i have worked with have given me the correct songs and i have given it my best. I would dedicate this award to my father Mr. Gulshan Kumar ji because jab mei bohot chhoti thi toh TV dekhke kuch gungunaya karti thi aur mere papa muje suna karte the aur unhone muje suresh wadkar ji ki academy mei daala aur wahi se mera singer banne ka sapna shuru hua and aaj sabse zyada my father would be very happy and proud of me that i have received this award. This award actually has given me a lot of encouragement and has helped to motivate me to work more harder and perform even better. My goal now is to make my fans extremely happy and my father more proud of me.

Q: How has life changed since you recently got married to Hitesh Ralhan, does he support you for the work you do?

A: Yes! Absolutely. My career is going great, my husband and the entire family really supports me a lot. They Encourage me so i think that’s something (Touchwood) i am blessed with and i have true support from them and that’s the reason i am doing well in my career i must say.


Q: Tell us more about your life and career and how has your journey been since your first song?

A: Definately! First song that i sang was janaab-e-janiya from the movie Aksar, i did a lot of work with Himesh Reshammiya initially and i would thank him as in a way he is my mentor. I have also worked with some big names in the industry like Anu Malik ji, Pritam Da, Jeet Ganguly, Mithoon, Ankit Tiwary and many more and i think all of them played a big role in shaping up my career. Pritam Da gave me one of my best song up till now which is ‘Tum jo aaye zindagi mei’ which is still hummed and remembered by everyone and is also everybody’s favourite romantic song, Pritam Da played a very important role. It’s been a long journey and i have to thank a lot of people and i have long way to go and i still consider myself as one of the new comer even though its been a good 6-7 years in this industry, i always treat myself as someone absolutely new to this industry and i learn from all the people i work with. My career started because of my father and its because of him i am at this position.

Q: Since Himesh Reshammiya introduced you to the industry, do you consider him as your godfather?

A: No, i would not say Godfather, because my brother Bhushan Kumar has played a big role in shaping my career and believing in my talent. I wouldn’t refer to Himesh ji as my Gofather but definately he is a mentor to me as my first song was with him and i worked with him on various other projects. I can call Himesh ji my mentor and my godfather will definately be my father Gulshan Kumar ji.

Q: Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, can you share your childhood memories on how you celebrated this day with your brother?

A: I am not a demanding sister when it comes to Raksha Bandhan, Every year we celebrate this day going to the temple and me and my sister Khushali tie rakhi to bhushan bhai. I donot demand gifts from him but usually i tell him that i want to do a fantastic song this year and ask for his support.

Q: Tell us about your sister and your mother as not much is known about them.

A: My sister Khushali Kumar is a fashion designer and she will soon be making her debut into Bollywood as well. My mom has been the biggest support for me. She handles the administration of T-Series and also heads the delhi office. She has always been there for me after my fathers demise and i really look up to my mother. Not much is known about her because she doesnt like to come much in the open but she is a gem of a person and has put really good values in all of her three children.

Q: Tell us about your upcoming projects.

A: I have rendered a song for a Ram Gopal Varma film ‘The Secret’, the song is composed by jeet ganguly. I have done a duet with Mohit Chauhan for an upcoming Kunal Kohli film. I also have a video song that is in pipeline. Apart from this i am working as a voice over artist for a kids entertainment Youtube Channel called ‘Kids Hut’, thats a different field that i am exploring.

Q: There are rumours that your brother is making Aashiqui 3 Starring Hrithik Roshan, is that true? and are you going to lend your voice for some romantic numbers in the movie?

A: Definitely there is a demand for my voice in the film but to be very honest i cannot confirm any news on Aashiqui 3 and i think the best person to talk about this would be my brother Bhushan.

Q: Do you have any plans on working in a film as a lead actress?

A: No, not at all, i think i am really happy with singing but definately i want to explore my voice in different genre’s of music. I got some really good response from everywhere for ‘Saiyaan Superstar’ and im looking forward to experiment with my voice even more.

Q: Who is you favourite amongst the khans of bollywood?

A: It has to be Salman Khan, his film Bajrangi Bhaijaan evoked emotions in me and i also cried watching the film as i am a very emotional person. I think the way kabir khan has made this film is brilliant, its super touching and its probably the best film i have seen in a long time.

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